Recommender FAQ

If you are logging in as a recommender to complete a character recommendation on behalf of a Tillman Scholar applicant, you will receive an email request from to complete this task. You must follow the link in that email to create an account (you must use the exact email address to set up your account) and complete your recommendation. Do not click "Register" in the upper right corner as this will create a Tillman Scholar application. 

Why do I see applicant questions?

  • You created an applicant account by not following the link in the email you received or you didn't use the exact email address you received our recommender request when you set up your account.  
  • You must follow the link in the email you received from to complete your recommendation.
  • When setting up your login account, you must set it up with the exact same email that you received the request to. Do not change the email address!

Who do I contact if I'm having issues logging in?

Can I submit a letter of recommendation?

  • We do not accept letters of recommendation.
  • When logged into your recommender account, you will be ed to answer specific questions we are asking. 
  • These questions must be completed within the application tool and submitted by you in order for the applicant to complete and submit their application.

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